Emergency Procedure

Emergency Procedure and Safety Guidelines

In our efforts to insure the safety of all paddlers; all crew members including coaches and escort boat captains will be required to implement the following Emergency Procedure Plan as outlined by the NA WAHINE O KE KAI committee:

In the event of an emergency please follow the procedures listed below:


  1. All escort boats will be required to equip their escort boats with a sufficient First Aid Kit including but not limited to: bandages and sutures.
  2. Escort boat captain must immediately contact the Maggie Joe on designated radio frequencies and indicate the following:
    • Name of Crew
    • Description of canoe
    • Longitude and Latitude in reference to the Diamond Head buoy (If applicable) official triangle lay out included in your crew manual.
    • Detailed description of the emergency situation.
  3. Once medical assistance has arrived, the Head Medical person will assess the situation and determine whether the injured party will be transported to a medical facility. The Committee reserves the right to mandate immediate transport of injured party
  4. In the event of a serious injury, the medical personnel in conjunction with the Committee and the escort boat driver will determine if the transfer of a victim is necessary and appropriate. The Committee will have the final say.
  5. If transfer of a disabled paddler is not appropriate, the team’s escort boat, accompanied by medical personnel, will be responsible for transporting the disabled paddler to the nearest designated port for immediate attention. The Committee may authorize the assistance of another escort boat to assist the team with escorting the canoe and working with changes.

It is the intent of the NA WAHINE O KE KAI committee to support the paddlers in their efforts to finish their race. However, SAFETY is the first and foremost obligation to this event. The Head Medical Person, in conjunction with the Committee will make the final decision as to whether a paddler will be brought to shore.

All escort boats MUST have a MOUNTED VHF communication device. And FUNCTIONING GPS. You may NOT share your radios by checking in for another crew. A visual radio check may be conducted at the request of an official. Failure to comply with the visual check will result in immediate disqualification from the race and/or a fine of $500.00. THIS WILL BE ENFORCED.

Failure to comply with the emergency procedures listed above may result in immediate disqualification and/or ban of future participation.

NOTE: Crews may NOT enter the race course without an ESCORT BOAT. Immediately report to the stage area if your escort boat does not show up as we may be able to assist in finding a replacement. If your escort boat breaks down after the start of the race, please contact the Maggie Jo (306-2097).