- As visitors to Moloka'i, please be respectful


Respect Your Host

For most of us, we are visitors to the island of Molokai. This island has a special place in our history, and we appreciate our hosts welcoming us each year. To keep the Aloha Spirit alive, as guests to this special island, please keep the following in mind.

What is Pono?

The word pono could be described as meaning to be respectful and to behave in a righteous manner. Click here for a more complete definition.

No Excessive Fishing from Escort Boats

The Molokai community has requested that canoe race escort boats maintain a 3-mile buffer around the island to respect the subsistence community fishing boundaries. OHCRA is working closely with DOBAR and DLNR to observe this 3-mile radius and support the fragile Molokai ecosystem. Escort boats may approach inside of the 3-mile boundary only to report to Hale O Lono and Kaunakakai harbors for race preparation and mooring. 

Mooring and Anchoring of Boats

Since the race is taking place out of Hale O Lono Harbor, escort boats are asked to report and moor at this harbor or Kaunakakai Harbor (with a permit) primarily. Boat captains are asked to be mindful of anchor use and to observe the reef to the best of their ability to prevent damage.

Responsible Boating Practices

Near-shore recreational boating is not permitted. Boat captains are asked to strictly observe community beach and swimming areas responsibly.

Respect for Local Fishing Boundaries

The Molokai community has expressed concern over the amount of fish caught in the waters off Molokai by race escort boats. Please discuss this matter with your boat captains directly and ask that they be courteous to our local fishermen. When crossing the channel, remember to take only what you can eat and please be respectful of the concerns of our Molokai hosts.

All crews will be asked to agree to these terms in their race registration, and failure to observe these requests will result in penalties up to and including race disqualification.

Our Sponsors

OHCRA would like to thank all those who participate each year in the Na Wahine O Ke Kai race and it doesn't go without saying that this event would not be possible without the assistance of our generous sponsors. Each year, we rely upon these sponsors to continue to support the race and we also invite new sponsors to come on board.

If you would like to talk to us about sponsorship opportunities for this race - please Contact Us for more information.